If you are faced with immigration issues, you need an immigration lawyer who will take the time to listen and understand your unique situation. At Tsiring & Feldman, P.C., we pride ourselves on the degree to which we not only care about our immigration clients but also in performing the legal maneuvers to make sure that you are professionally represented.

Our attorneys provide immigration services including, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Employment-Based Visa Petitions: labor certifications, advanced degree professionals, etc. Under current immigration law, over 100,000 employment-based Visas are made available annually. As a first step, we can seek to assist the applicant's prospective employer in obtaining a labor certification approval from the Department of Labor.

  2. Family-based Immigrant Visa Petitions: These visas assume a legal family relationship with a United States citizen. There are two types of family-based visas, Immediate Relative Immigrant Visas, and Family Preference Immigrant Visas.

  3. Deportation and Removal Appeals: appeals of decisions, hearing before judges, removal proceedings, etc. If your immigration application has been rejected you still have options to continue on your path to legal immigrant status and/or citizenship. We can work to appeal your deportation order to the Board of Immigration Appeals.

  4. Special Immigration Petition: asylum applications, religious workers, the immigrant visa lottery, self-petitions in the case of abused spouses, etc. Each year, the U.S. Department of State offers a limited number of visas for special purposes such as language translators, refugee services, or advanced scientific degree holders.

Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling for Our Clients

We provide comprehensive counseling and guidance for all our clients who are facing any kind of immigration issue. We have a panel of immigration attorneys in Brooklyn and Fort Lauderdale who help all our clients by skillfully handling the legal procedures to help you seek citizenship.

Helping Clients Through Immigration and Deportation Cases in New York and Florida

If you're facing deportation, trying to secure a green card, petitioning for a visa, or dealing with any other immigration issue, get in touch with our attorneys at Tsiring & Feldman, P.C. in Brooklyn, New York, or Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Our lawyers work with efficiency and diligence to seek the best results.

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