For most people, purchasing a home is the largest financial transaction of their lifetime. Some people will buy a home and live in it forever, while others will buy and sell real estate more frequently as their families grow and then, eventually get smaller. Others look at real estate as the best investment they can make and use real estate ownership as their retirement savings vehicle. No matter how you look at it, there could be a lot of money to be made or lost when dealing in real estate and you need the best real estate closing lawyer in Staten Island, Tsiring & Feldman, P.C., on your side. Tsiring & Feldman, P.C. is a boutique New York law firm that is focused on its clients' goals and interests and we are dedicated to providing the best solutions to every unique real estate transaction from analyzing the purchase agreement to being with you at the closing.

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As experienced and knowledgeable Brooklyn real estate attorneys we represent buyers and sellers in every facet of the industry from individuals to institutions. We are well-versed in the financing of real estate and can make sure that you thoroughly understand every detail of your mortgage agreement. In addition, we know NYC like the back of our hand as well as the individual neighborhoods in and around Brooklyn and Staten Island NY. We stay constantly updated on every aspect of real estate law and there is never a day when we are not involved in a real estate transaction in one way or another.

No matter the type of real estate you may be buying or selling, Tsiring & Feldman, P.C. can help you. We are highly skilled and professional in representing those who are buying and selling condominiums and co-ops, new construction, existing apartment units, commercial property and buildings, and much more. There is no real estate situation that is beyond our ability to provide professional legal guidance to ensure that you are entering into an honest deal that is in your best interest.

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